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We brighten and beautify the exterior of your home with safe and gentle soft wash methods while protecting your property and the environment.

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House Washing

We gently apply the appropriate mixtures of cleaning solutions to remove stains and restore the appearance!

Regardless of the location, size, neighborhood or kind of structure you home is constructed by, there is no denying that your home is one of life’s greatest investments. And homes in the Flower City area come in all shapes and colors and have a wide variety of surfaces. Whatever the shape, size, color, or surface type, each and every home should be washed every one to two years. Brick, Hardie Plank, Vinyl, Metal Siding, Stucco, Dryvit, EIFS, and Wood are just a few of the surfaces that Flower City Roof Cleaning specializes in cleaning.

Flower City provides superior House Washing service to brighten and beautify your residence. We always use a soft wash cleaning method anytime we clean vertical surfaces of any house. Pressure washing vertical surfaces can cause damage in a variety of ways. Unintended water intrusion can occur in various places. High volumes of water blasting can cause paint to crack, chip and initiate peeling and wear down various surfaces. Without proper training, you could damage light fixtures, electrical panels, air conditioning units and other exterior elements.

Soft washing eliminates these risks altogether. With less pressure than a garden house, our technique uses a gentle application of appropriate mixtures of water and various cleaning agents. These mixtures are determined by the type of surface that is stained as well as the nature and severity of the stain. We allow ample time for the mixture to accomplish the work, and then gently rinse the mixture once cleaning is effective and complete.

Every home in the Rochester area is susceptible to organic stains like algae, and mildew growth on the exterior surfaces. In addition, cob webs, dirt daubers, and other stains can be safely cleaned and removed with our House Washing service. Allowing these stains to remain and grow over time not only leaves a negative impression for family, friends, and neighbors, it always has a negative effect on property values.

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We always provide a free, written estimate with a complete, detailed and itemized breakdown of the exterior cleaning services we deliver so that customers will know precisely what to expect before the work even begins.


If necessary, we will return to the customer’s property to rectify any concerns and address issues so that our customers will build trust and not only use our services again in the future, but refer us to family and friends as well.

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